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After breaking an NCAA record, Dante Pettis celebrated with an imitation of his father, Gary

During the second quarter of Saturday night's win over Oregon, Washington wide receiver and punt returner Dante Pettis set a new NCAA record for punt return touchdowns with his ninth punt return touchdown of his career.

Such an occasion obviously demands celebration, and Pettis used the moment to pay tribute to his father -- Astros third base coach Gary Pettis:

The elder Pettis made a name for himself during the 2017 postseason by aggressively waving Astros baserunners toward home plate in key situations. He even did the "wave home" when he was introduced at the Astros World Series parade:


Dante has clearly learned well from his dad. His celebration demonstrated that the "wave home" not only helps a team win a World Series, but helps set NCAA records in football as well.