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After winning the ALDS, the Astros celebrated on the mound, but Josh Reddick got the party started

With their 5-4 win over the Red Sox in Game 4 of the ALDS presented by Doosan, the Astros are returning to the LCS for the first time since 2005 when they beat the Cardinals before losing to the White Sox in the World Series. Having spent most of their franchise history in the National League, Monday marked the Astros' first ALDS win in franchise history.
That's worthy of celebration.
It started with Ken Giles -- who closed out the game -- celebrating by himself on the mound:

And Carlos Correa, who had one of the best seats in the house for José Altuve's game-ending throw to first.

But celebrations are always better with others. So, Brian McCann quickly joined up with his pitcher to share the joy:

Soon enough, word of the party's location got out and everyone showed up on the mound. They were really happy to see each other:

And what would winning be without some spoils of victory?

In the clubhouse, teammates show their love in mysterious ways.

But the party doesn't really start until the dance floor gets going. Luckily, Josh Reddick was more than happy to start it up:

With energy and dance moves like that, Reddick and the Astros will definitely want to win another series or two to showcase those talents some more.
The Astros advance to their first ALCS, with Game 1 set for Friday against the winner of the Indians-Yankees. Game 1 would be in Houston if the Yankees win the series, or in Cleveland if the Indians win.