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Softball player A.J. Andrews makes another unbelievable catch, is just showing off now

On Saturday, outfielder A.J. Andrews of the Akron Racers managed to turn fastpitch softball into a contact sport while chasing down a fly ball in right field. She sprinted, she flew, she showed no regard for her personal safety to make the play ... and she still held on. It was one of the catches of the year.

And then, against the USSSA Pride on Monday, she decided to top herself. Sure, sacrificing your own face is admirable, but you haven't really proved yourself until you've conquered an entire outfield wall:


Yes, she did hold on, and yes, that is a catch -- her feet were in fair territory when the ball hit the glove. The Racers may have lost, 5-2, but look on the bright side: The GIF will live on forever.