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Albert Almora flipped his bat to the moon after his walk-off single last night

Cubs centerfielder Albert Almora kept his delightful breakout season rolling Tuesday night, as he smacked a walk-off opposite field single off Dodgers pitcher Brock Stewart to give the Cubs a 2-1 win.

What you don't see on the initial camera angle is Almora tossing his lumber straight up into the sky like a Yellowstone geyser.

Most great bat flips usually come after a dinger and not a single, but the passion and verve with which Almora catapulted his bat into the air would be acceptable in any context. Almora was so hyped about his clutch RBI that he didn't stop the revelry after his bat flip. The gleeful Cub also provided us with a wonderful helmet flip ... 

and a downright boot-quaking bicep flex-guttural roar combo.