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Albert Pujols gave his jersey to a young fan with Down syndrome after the game and it will warm your heart

One of the odd things about sports fandom is falling in love with a player based on what he does on the field, while having absolutely no idea whether you'd like him as a person. It's always nice when a player proves he's as worthy of fandom off the field as he is on it.

Albert Pujols is one of the best baseball players of all time. He's sixth on the all-time home run list and should finish his career even higher on that list. He's almost certainly going to be in the Hall of Fame.

On Tuesday night, he proved that he's a Hall of Fame person as well. After the Angels defeated the Blue Jays, 3-1, Pujols took off his jersey and gave it to an Angels fan with Down syndrome in the front row at Rogers Centre:

Pujols didn't hesitate at all to take off his jersey and give it to the fan. In fact, he was in such a rush to make this kid's day that he tried to lift it over his head without unbuttoning it first. It doesn't get any better than that.

This isn't new for Pujols. Inspired by his daughter, Isabella, The Pujols Family Foundation helps serve individuals with Down syndrome. It has grown since its founding in 2005 to offer more than 100 programs and events.