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Alex Bregman made a kid's day on Twitter with only nine words

XXX at Chase Field on May 5, 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona. (Jennifer Stewart)

It kinda feels like Alex Bregman is running for president, as the Astros third baseman has spent the offseason in the public spotlight successfully winning over the hearts and minds of folks all over the country. He showed up at sporting events in a bunchof differentstates, he held one of those town halls that every politician does before they run and he's also seriously upped his video production capabilities.

In his latest move of other-centeredness, Bregman took to the Twitter machine, first complementing a young hitter on his sweet swing and then offering him a personal hitting session.

It's a really crazy reminder how easy it is for a superstar like Bregman to make a kid's day with such a simple gesture. Literally nine words in a tweet was all it took to send Jax into a frenzy of total glee. The kid literally wanted his family to move from Georgia to Florida, just so he could go hit with Bregman.

Hopefully Jax, who is already a frontrunner for the 2043 AL MVP award, can get down to Astros camp in Florida to pick up some tips from the master.