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Alex Bregman made another incredible throw from foul territory, this time to get Trey Mancini

They say that high-quality competition brings out the best in players. On Monday night, Astros third baseman Alex Bregman provided one point of evidence in favor of that statement when he gave Manny Machado a taste of his own medicine with this throw from foul territory:

On Tuesday, Bregman's Astros faced off against the Orioles again in a 10-6 win, and one can only assume that having Machado sitting in the opposing dugout brought out the best in Bregman once more. This time, Trey Mancini was the unfortunate soul hitting a ball down the third-base line:

Somehow his encore performance was even more impressive than the opening act as Bregman threw out Mancini basically from the third-base coach's box. The plays were so nice, you have to see them twice:

With the Astros set for one more game against the Orioles Wednesday afternoon, we can only expect Bregman to make a throw from Minute Maid Park's third-baseline seats.