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A-Rod delivers bat to fan at Fenway Park, reduces another to tears with autograph

Alex Rodriguez played what's probably his final game at Fenway Park during the Yankees' 4-2 win over the Red Sox on Thursday. Although he went 0-for-4 with an RBI at the plate, the Yankees DH -- known for frustrating Fenway fans with his play on the field -- made two fans' nights off the diamond. 
As you can see in the main video above, A-Rod spoke to Jacob Doherty, a Yanks fan from Wilmington, Mass., in the first inning. He promised the 10-year-old he'd give him his bat under a few conditions.'s Barry Bloom spoke to the slugger about it:
"I approached him in the first inning and I made a little proposal," said A-Rod. "And the proposal is, 'If I do one of three of the following, you get my bat.' He was all excited. And then I said, 'If I hit a home run,' which was highly unlikely. We started laughing. 'If I get two hits.' Highly unlikely. And No. 3, 'If we win.' And I said, 'I have a good feeling about that.' Every at-bat he kept yelling at me encouraging messages. And then he got the bat."
So Jacob got the bat postgame and the three-time MVP even wrote a little note on it:

He also received some game-worn wristbands:

If that wasn't enough, A-Rod also reduced a fan to tears. See the man at the bottom left of the screen putting his head down as he gets an autograph:

A strangely bittersweet final series in Boston for Alex Rodriguez.