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All five Reds infielders converged on a popup that fell right in the middle of them

The Reds got off to a bumpy start during their Monday night game against the Padres at Petco Park, trailing 7-2 after two innings of play. It looked like Bronson Arroyo had stemmed the tide in the third, though, as with two outs and no one on base, he induced a popup from catcher Austin Hedges.
It went right back to Arroyo's area, but it's typical for pitchers to defer to the infielders.
Joey Votto came in from first.
José Peraza came in from second.
Zack Cozart came in from shortstop.
Eugenio Suárez came in from third.
No one caught it.

Whoops. That definitely qualifies as the most unexpected single of Hedges' career.
It's like when you're in a group project in school and you all realize in class that everyone just expected someone else to submit the final paper.
To Arroyo's credit, he immediately returned to work and got Luis Perdomo to lift another popup on the next pitch. This time, Suarez made the catch in foul territory to end the inning. The Padres ultimately came away with a 9-3 win.
The Reds can take solace in the fact that these fluky plays just happen from time to time. And hey, at least it didn't happen in a World Series.