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Aaron Nola went to the 2017 World Series ... as a fan

There a lot of things that make our favorite MLB players seem like they could just be one of us. They love social media, they love their pets, and yes, even All-Stars get starstruck every once in a while. However, there is one thing that current MLB stars very rarely get to experience that is exactly what makes fans who they are: Going to a game and sitting in the crowd! 

It's not that players aren't allowed to attend these games, of course. But when it's your job to play in baseball games for most of the year, you can imagine going to additional games as a fan isn't exactly top priority. So just how common is it for MLB All-Stars to attend baseball games as a fan? 
Listen to Aaron Nola's story from the 2017 World Series at the top of the page, and here's J.T. Realmuto's favorite game he got to see:

You can hear more stories in this clip: