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All the home runs of the American League Wild Card Game, ranked

Tuesday night's AL Wild Card Game between the Yankees and Twins featured five home runs and, because they took place in a one-game series, they all came during big moments. To properly adjudicate between them, then, will require a little bit more work. Fortunately, that work has been done in the rankings below of all five home runs from that 8-4 Yankees win.
5. Eddie Rosario: 104.0 mph, 336'
Rosario's two-run home run capped off a three-run first inning from the Twins and announced that this was a game that was to be truly wild, but in itself, it wasn't the most impressive of the game. Until it found its way over the right-field wall, this ball felt more like a double.

By extending the Twins' lead to three runs before the Yankees even got a chance to bat in a winner-takes-all game, Rosario's home run was huge. It just wasn't as huge as the others.
4. Brett Gardner: 102.3 mph, 393'
Gardner isn't known for his power, but the postseason has a tendency to bring out unexpected powers in players. Gardner found his power in the second inning to give the Yankees their first lead of the game. You'd forgive him for taking a second to admire his work:

According to Statcast, Gardner's drive to the second deck was the longest home run of the game. Postseason magic, indeed.
3. Aaron Judge: 108.1 mph, 386'
When Judge hits the ball, he often hits it hard. His fourth inning home run -- the final home run of the game -- didn't disappoint. It may have lacked the mind-numbing distance of some of his previous work, but it certainly did not lack in exit velocity.

With the Yankees advancing to the ALDS (Game 1: Thursday at 7:30 p.m. ET on FS 1), Judge will have many more opportunities to impose his home run hitting talent on the postseason record books.
2. Didi Gregorius: 101.7 mph, 391'
The only officially dubbed knight in the game showed that the heroism characteristic of the order was not lost on him. With the Yankees trailing, 3-0, in the first inning of the game, Sir Didi tied it up on one swing.

Though such deeds are all in a day's work for a knight like Gregorius, the context of this deed demanded a celebratory flip of the bat:

1. Brian Dozier: 105.4 mph, 384'
On just the fifth pitch of the game, Twins leadoff hitter Brian Dozier sent a towering home run to left field.

With the home run, Dozier became the first player in history to lead off the first game of the postseason with a dinger. If it's only happened once in more than 100 years of postseasons, there's no doubt that it's a pretty impressive accomplishment. Indeed, it's impressive enough to earn the top spot in these rankings.
Let's be honest: Though the laws of mathematics dictated that only one of these dingers could find itself in the top spot in these rankings, they were all pretty good. What's even better? Seeing all of them in one GIF:

With the Wild Card Game finished, the Yankees are now set to face the Indians in the ALDS. Tune in to Game 1: Thursday, 7:30 p.m. ET on FS1.