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The Altoona Curve will wear Jar Jar Binks jerseys this year

Star Wars has become a massive part of the baseball culture, with dozens of teams in both the Minors and Majors having special theme days and even wearing special jerseys. It all culminated this past December when the new "Star Wars" sequel washed the taste of those horrible prequels out of the collective subconcious. No more midi-chlorians, no more Galactic Senate and, most importantly, no more Jar Jar Binks.
Well, at least until the Altoona Curve, the Double-A affiliate of the Pirates, stepped in. 
While other teams will be sporting Darth Vader jerseys or Chewbacca tops, the Curve will be celebrating Jar Jar. 

Is this a sign that the next Star Wars sequel will feature Binks prominently? Will the PA announcer introduce players by shouting, "Exsqueeze me, but batting third is ..." or will players have to call for the ball by yelling "Meesa got it?" 
Perhaps this is the sign that the Dark Side truly has won.