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Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa seemed to have a blast working out together with just a tennis ball

Everyone knows the best workouts are those that are just like the games you'd play as children. Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa proved that point in an Instagram video that the Astros shortstop shared on Wednesday.

Sure, you wouldn't fault the duo for wanting to use some sort of futuristic, heart-rate-detecting, auto-muscle-stimulating machine. Instead, the double-play combo just grabbed a tennis ball and tossed it back and forth -- like you would at recess in fifth grade: 

Pushing each other every single day @josealtuve27

A post shared by Carlos Correa (@teamcjcorrea) on

The best part is that even in this seemingly ruleless game, there could be a winner and loser, as proved by Correa's excited reaction when Altuve can't reach the tennis ball at the end.