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A crazy hail storm delayed the Blue Jays-Rockies game as weather pummeled Coors Field

There was a bit of a weather delay before the Blue Jays and Rockies could square off on Tuesday night at Coors Field. And when we say "weather," we don't mean a drizzle or even the moderate downpour that prompted a three-hour-plus rain delay in Monday's Rangers-Yankees game.

No, this one was quite a beast, and brought with it some intense wetness:

The barrage wasn't frightening enough to keep Rockies reliever Boone Logan from heading out and enjoying it all, as seen in the clip atop this page. Still, it was more than enough to prompt a delay of quite some time while the Rockies grounds crew did its thing on the field.
Its responsibilities included filling an entire truck with hail, as there was a lot of it to gather:

All that precipitation apparently wreaked some havoc on the inner workings of Coors Field, as shared on Twitter by former Rockies outfielder Ryan Spilborghs, who currently works as an analyst for ROOT Sports:

Who, it must be pointed out, has a specific way of referring to himself and his investigative efforts:

The two teams finally began playing shortly after 9:00 p.m. MT, thanks to the diligent efforts of the Coors Field grounds crew.

"I had some doubts," Rockies manager Walt Weiss told's Thomas Harding. "It looked pretty bad out there with all the hail and it took a lot of water. But the field drains well. We've seen that in the past, and our grounds crew is really good."
Indeed, after all of the grounds crew's hard work, the field hardly looked like it had been pounded by hail for hours once it was time to play ball ...

The field looked so good, in fact, that Blue Jays manager John Gibbons was shocked: "There was talk about possibly canceling it. I've never seen hail like that. I've seen hail, but not that amount," he said. "So it was kind of neat but I can't believe the field was in that good of shape after all of that." 
Behind a Troy Tulowitzki home run and bizarreJosh Donaldson triple, the Blue Jays pulled out the 14-9 victory.