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Andrelton Simmons made yet another amazing play ... after bobbling an easy popup

Andrelton Simmons makes the difficult plays seem routine and turns the impossible plays into outs. During Wednesday night's 6-4 loss to the Indians, Simmons turned the routine into the sublimely hilarious. He's nothing if not a showman. 
In the top of the first inning, Jay Bruce hit a shallow pop fly to center field. Simmons backed up on the ball and appeared to have it lined up for an easy out. But then, the glove that gobbles ground balls like those hippos eat the little white pellets betrayed the shortstop. The ball popped out and surely was going to roll to the ground, letting the two Indians runners on base advance. 
But you can never count out Simmons and his amazing reflexes: 

Given the little reverse somersault at the end, we're going to guess that Simmons had this whole thing planned and he just wanted to pretend to be a clown in a circus for a minute. 
"I'm glad he [recovered] because it was a long first," Ricky Nolaso told's Maria Guardado after the game. "That lineup is really good, so you kind of give those guys opportunities like that, it just seems like it haunts you a little bit. I'm just glad he held on."