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Watch this insane play as Andrew Knapp scores from first on a throwing error

The Phillies were hosting the Pirates Thursday night when an … interesting play occurred during the bottom of the third.
Chad Kuhl was on the mound and walked Andrew Knapp. This brought Andrés Blanco to the plate. While he was batting, the bat escaped the grip of his hands and landed in the seats amongst the fans. Afterwards, catcher Elias Díaz attempted to pick off Knapp who was taking a lead at first. This resulted in a throwing error with the ball flying past Josh Bell and landing in right field.

Knapp took advantage of the scenario and scored from first base. Who knew he had those wheels?
According to's Ben Harris, Kuhl was in disbelief following the play.
"That was something else," he said. "I've never seen anything like that. Ended up not hurting us that much." He also explained he had nothing but love for Bell after everything was said and done.
"I said [to Bell] 'I love you man.' It's fine," explained Kuhl. "I was watching the bat too so if the ball was thrown back at me I wasn't looking too. So you can't blame him, it's one of those things, just everyone's human reaction. The bat's going and could knock somebody in the stands. I'm just glad it didn't hit him."
As far as Bell was concerned, he knew the situation was tough, but he promised Kuhl he would get it back for him and he did just that with on a two-run shot to left field at the top of the fourth.
"It stunk," said Bell. "[The] initial feeling was, 'Thank God it didn't hit me because Diaz throws like 100 [miles per hour.]' Hearing the ball whizz by me and seeing the run score was tough. I think a lot of the stadium was looking at the bat. I was just happy to capitalize and make up for it."
Manager Clint Hurdle also couldn't believe what he had seen in the Pirates' eventual 6-3 victory, saying he had never witnessed anything like it. 
"I've never seen it," he explained. "Been in the game for 43 years and I played baseball before and I've never seen this play."
This is stemming from a week where we've witnessed many wild plays, including the Brewers' Orlando Arcia, who scored from first base while avoiding multiple rundowns on a routine ground ball.
Smart baserunning will get you far -- or at least to home plate.