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Andrew McCutchen really wanted to hop in a race car at Kansas Speedway

One of the fun things about road trips is having the opportunity to check out some of the landmarks and culture outside of your hometown. Obviously, most baseball players would prefer to play at home, but a change of pace must feel nice every so often.

Prior to opening a weekend series in Kansas City against the Royals, Phillies outfielder -- and award-deserving filmmaker -- Andrew McCutchen took some time to hang out with NASCAR drivers and take in the sights and sounds of the Kansas Speedway.

Initially, Cutch was rendered deaf by the roar of the engines, but once he got acclimated to the environment, he got in some good banter with the drivers, including some Royals-Phillies trash talk and reflections on the Little League World Series.

He was so taken by the thrill of talking to drivers and seeing cars zoom around the track that he wanted to get behind the wheel himself. But, he quickly thought better of the idea.

Friday wasn't the day for Cutch to take a spin around a NASCAR track, but perhaps that day will come. In which case, we may look back on this as the beginning of his post-baseball career as a race car driver.