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Follow along with Andrew Romine as he plays all nine positions for the Tigers

The Tigers are eliminated from postseason contention, but that doesn't mean that utilityman Andrew Romine took it easy over the season's final weekend. Quite the opposite, actually: During Saturday night's game against the Twins, Romine played all nine positions on the diamond. That's right, every single one -- including pitcher.
He's the fifth player in Major League history to pull off the feat, and the first since Shane Halter also did it for Detroit back in 2000. If you weren't able to watch this extraordinary feat of versatility live, though, have no fear: Simply read along as provie an inning-by-inning account of Romine's record-breaking game.
Position No. 1: Left field
Romine followed a straightforward order: Start in the outfield, work left to right. That meant he started his day in left field, and he immediately looked the part:

And, because the Baseball Gods are not without a sense of humor, he recorded the first out of the day:

... and the second:

Position No. 2: Center field
Romine shifted over to center for the second inning. The Twins wisely steered clear of his glove this time, but he was ready all the same:

Position No. 3: Right field
Romine didn't record any putouts while in right field in the third, but he did field a ground-ball single with fundamentals that would've made Tom Emanski blush:

Position No. 4: Third base
Romine began his tour around the infield in the fourth, beginning at the hot corner. Look how he expertly navigated foul territory at Target Field:

Meanwhile, his family -- who made the trip up to Minneapolis -- talked about what Romine's day in the spotlight meant to them:

Position No. 5: Shortstop
Next up was arguably the hardest position on the field: shortstop. Well, it was arguably the hardest position on the field, until Romine turned a double play with Ian Kinsler like it was nothing:

Position No. 6: Second base
With infield skills like that, it's no wonder Romine didn't get a chance at second base in the sixth. Still, he showed a good ready position:

Position No. 7: Catcher
From there ... things got weird. For the first time in his Major League career, Romine suited up at catcher -- and he was pretty thrilled:

Alas, it turns out trying to pick up the catcher position in a day is pretty difficult, and after allowing a passed ball Romine was moved from catcher back to second for the remainder of the seventh inning.
Position No. 8: Pitcher
In the eighth, it was time for the one you've all been waiting for: pitcher. Romine got down in the count 2-0 on leadoff batter Miguel Sanó, but he showed nice poise -- and fastball location:

He then got Sano to ground out:

Position No. 9: First base
His career ERA firmly entrenched at 0.00, Romine checked off his ninth and final box with a move to first base -- where he ended the eighth inning by snagging a throw from Kinsler:

Romine was back at first for the ninth, with Detroit trying to hold a 3-2 lead. And wouldn't you know, he ended his historic day and the game by fielding a ground ball for out number three:

You'd think that a man who made Major League history would want to talk about little else, but when he was interviewed after the game, the first thing Romine said was, "Right now I'm just happy we won."