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Andrew Triggs' UFO-like curveball was in fine form against the Rangers

Nobody throws like Andrew Triggs -- his arm at a three-quarters angle that comes from as close to the third-base side as possible. So, it makes sense that nobody gets movement on their curveball like Triggs. The A's right-hander put that on display Monday night in Oakland's 3-1 victory over the Rangers. 
Making his first start since June 9 of last season following hip surgery, Triggs immediately showed that his frisbee of a curveball had no rust as he struck out seven batters and gave up one run in five innings.
Just look at how foolish he made Elvis Andrus look in the first inning. The curve dove so far out of the box that the catcher could barely snag the it, but Andrus couldn't hold up: 

Adrián Beltré -- who is no stranger to taking big hacks -- tried his best, but was fooled as this UFO zoomed fully into the other batter's box: 

Drew Robinson wanted some of this, but like a child being told no dessert before dinner, came up empty: 

While Triggs largely stays away from lefties, he can get them to whiff right under the hands, as Nomar Mazara had to learn: 

So, while you try to get through your work day, why not stare at a repeating piece of art. I present to you: Andrew Triggs creating enough wind to power the entire Bay Area.