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Cameron Maybin made a leaping catch at the wall, but shrouded the result in mystery

With the Angels up by one run in the bottom of the eighth inning of Tuesday's 6-4 win over the Mariners, Guillermo Heredia launched a ball that sent Maybin back to the wall. Maybin jumped for it. Did he preserve the lead or had Heredia tied the game?

Maybin wasn't forthcoming with that information right away, creating something of a Schrodinger's dinger. Heredia had both hit a home run and been robbed of a home run at once; the Mariners were both tied and trailing by a run. It was only when Maybin flipped the ball out of his glove seconds later that the matter was resolved with certainty. We opened the box and discovered the dinger was dead.
Will such deception become a trend? How long can an outfielder maintain an act of dinger uncertainty? Only time will tell whether Maybin's paradox becomes a trend.