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Orbit used one of the oldest pranks in the book on Mike Trout

Whether it be fastballs from pitchers or screaming liners from batters, almost nothing gets past Mike Trout. It's why he's led the league in bWAR each of the last five seasons. 
However, some things do manage to escape the center fielder's attention. Things like classic schoolyard pranks, as Orbit proved before the Angels' 5-2 victory over the Astros on Tuesday night. 
First, the green fuzzball approached Trout, all friendly-like. Hey, why can't a mascot and an MVP be best friends? 

Then, the two embraced. Nothing strange there, right? 

Oh, but there was: 

How did Trout fall for such a simple prank, one that has probably been played out countless times in every sitcom ever to air? Probably because he's such a good player, no one would ever think of hugging him for nefarious means. For shame, Orbit. For shame. 
Though Orbit may have won the prank battle, Trout proved his loyalties lie with the Halos. The reigning MVP went 1-for-3 with an RBI triple in the victory.