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A young fan got to play catch with Mike Trout and you didn't

Have you ever had that dream where you show up to the ballpark and you get to play catch with Mike Trout? Don't worry, you can say yes -- you're among friends here and we've all had that dream. But it's always sad when you wake up in a dull, Trout-less reality.
Unless, of course, you're 13-year-old Amaree Burnett from Los Angeles, Calif., who was at Thursday's Rangers-Angels game. Just watch the video above to see him toss the ball to Trout.
"When I was playing catch with [him] I was just trying to think, 'don't overthrow him, don't overthrow him," he said. 
Amaree had the experience of a lifetime, and you can definitely tell:

Yeah, those are the faces we'd make, too. 
Photos and video by Derek Hernandez, MLB Real-Time Correspondent.