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Angels fans set another world record, this time with a very, very large number of emoji umbrellas

Back in May, fans at Angel Stadium set a world record for the largest group of people using selfie sticks. While perhaps not the traditional "tallest man" or "longest fingernails" records, a world record is a world record. And it turns out that Angels fans were not satisfied with merely setting one world record this season. On Tuesday, they set another, and all it took was a very, very large number of umbrellas.

I mean, a lot of umbrellas.

The most umbrellas opened in a confined space, actually.

And these weren't just any umbrellas. They were umbrellas emblazoned with the Angels emoji:

Honestly, setting a world record like this looks pretty fun.

No wonder Angels fans keep doing it. And don't worry -- they did this one between innings.