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Mike Trout, already perfect at life, proved even his slides are amazing

Before this weekend, we thought that maybe Mike Trout wasn't good at EVERYTHING. Sure, he can hit monster home runs, he can make incredilble catches, he can help kids get prom dates, he gives souvenirs to fans, his mom loves him and he's quickly making his mark as one of the best players ever. 

But, hey Mike, can you do cool slides? Huh, Mike? We got you on that one, didn't we? Nobody's perfe --

As you can see, Mike Trout is also very good at doing cool slides. Beaten by the throw in the fifth inning of the Angels' 4-0 win over the Blue Jays, the center fielder slid his legs past home on the right side to avoid the tag and then lightly tapped the plate with his left hand. Manager Mike Sciosia was impressed, according to's Jack Baer:

"He's an athlete. Mike plays the game one way: full out. Whether he's running the bases or in the outfield, he gets after it and he's made some good slides."

Marcus Stroman, who was on the mound for the Blue Jays, also raved about the play:

"That's why he's Mike Trout. He's one of the best players in the game. He does it with the bat, with his legs, with the glove. He's an all-around great player and he's one of my buddies. He's definitely a nuisance out there and a tough AB. Just one of the guys that you have to do your best to limit the damage."

Trout, being the perfect, humble being that he is, plainly explained his thought process postgame:

"Obviously the last two nights, the throws beat me. My first initial thought when a throw beats me is I've got to try to do something so I can be safe."

Yes, something similar also happened on Saturday night:

OK, Mike Trout. You're good at everything.