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Anthony Rizzo went full Little League and choked way up on his bat before hitting a single

Anthony Rizzo doesn't care how he gets on base. Sure, he enjoys crushing home runs, and doesn't mind hitting them from the leadoff spot, but unlike other sluggers, Rizzo uses every tool available to him. 
Rizzo's more than willing to let baseballs bounce off his body. He led the National League in hit-by-pitches with 30 in 2015 and his 73 HBPs since 2014 are the most in the Majors. And if the defense is shifted against him, Rizzo will take advantage of the gap with a simple bunt: 

Facing the Marlins on Sunday, reliever Jarlin García got Rizzo to two strikes in the sixth inning. That's when he decided to choke up -- way up. His bat was more like a fungo bat, or perhaps even a , like Donatello of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles uses. And with a simple punch to right, Rizzo dropped it into left field. 

Even Joey Votto, who may be the slugger most associated with a willingness to choke up, can't touch Rizzo for this kind of Little League fundamentals.