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Anthony Rizzo gets into a friendly shoving match after being hit by Welington Castillo's throw

At this point, we may have to admit that Anthony Rizzo has a larger gravitational force than any other human being. After all, the National League's leading All-Star Game vote getter became the second-ever 30/30 player -- that is, 30-plus home runs and 30-plus hit-by-pitches -- last year, and entered Friday's action with a league-high-tying nine HBPs.
So, during the Cubs' 6-0 victory against the D-backs on Friday afternoon, we shouldn't have been surprised that Rizzo was hit again. Except this time it came from catcher Welington Castillo's throw back to the mound.
Which naturally meant that it was time for a shoving match.   

"Good thing it was 'Weli,'" Rizzo told's Brian Hedger after the game. "It was a friendly shove, of course. I almost gave him a hug after it, but that was bizarre."
While Rizzo's gravity field seems to only draw baseballs to him, we'll need to watch out in case he turns into a black hole, sucking all light into his extra-dense gravitational field.