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The Cubs just became your new favorite team after hanging out with adorable bear cubs

The Cubs knew what you wanted -- nay, needed -- before your weekend could truly begin, so Joe Maddon and his merry band of fun-makers upped their Spring Training ante and brought in adorable bear cubs. 
They are Cubs' cubs, if you will -- which would also make for heck of a TV show. 

Wouldn't you watch a show starring Anthony Rizzo as a powerful first baseman traveling around the globe with a couple of bear cubs that he treats like children? 
Just look at this and tell me you wouldn't watch this on a loop forever! 

Those are 10-12 week-old black bear cubs that will grow to be 700 pounds. Even better, they inspired some truly marvelous jokes at David Ross' expense. 

Baker was sure to give credit for the burn, though. 

So sit back, relax and get ready for the workday to end. Yes, that's a bear cub that can barely stand up under its own cuteness: 

And the players weren't the only ones to get in on the cuddle action, as Cubs manager Joe Maddon and president of baseball operations Theo Epstein were also passing the cubs around the Friday's morning stretch.
Carrie Muskat of reports that the cubs visited the Cubs thanks to "Treasure House of Glendale, which provides a home for young adults with disabilities." Muskat says that Maddon is trying to develop some sort of contest to help fans name the two baby bears.
If you weren't on the Cubs bandwagon yet, I think you may be now.