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Anthony Rizzo put on his Sunday best and took a trip to the Grammy Awards

Spring Training is right around the corner, but players still have a few days left to enjoy their offseason.
Cubs star Anthony Rizzo has five days left before he and his fellow position players have to head to Cubs Spring Training in Arizona, so he continued his already super-busy post-World Series offseason break with a glamorous trip to the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday: 

Complete with an action shot of the red carpet: 

And a star pose with his girlfriend, Emily Vakos: 

Though it (unfortunately) isn't real, we can all pretty much assume Rizzo is there to accept an award for the rousing crowd-participation-singalong of "Go Cubs Go" that he, his teammates, and thousands of fans did together at their World Series parade last November. It should be an award, anyway.
But no, Rizzo wasn't the only MLB figure spotted at the Grammys' pre-show festivities. Look, there's Kevin Millar:

Millar also posed with his MLB Network co-star Harold Reynolds, as the pair were on site as part of MLB Network's Grammy Awards sweepstakes that awarded a lucky fan tickets to the exclusive event: 

And the requisite group shot:

The stars are truly out in Hollywood.
And while Alex Rodriguez was not at the actual Grammys, he still hosted his own viewing party back at home: 

Meanwhile, Phil Hughes watched Adele's George Michael tribute performance and fired off this (rather perfect) tweet: