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Archie Bradley used his beard to become Santa Claus for ASU basketball's 'curtain of distraction'

Archie Bradley is using the offseason to establish himself as the ultimate Arizona sports fan. After participating in some human bowling at Saturday's Phoenix Coyotes game, Sunday brought Bradley to Arizona State's men's basketball game against Vanderbilt.
On this occasion, he was dressed in his holiday best:

Bradley's appearance was intended to distract a Vanderbilt free throw shooter, and it is possible the stunt was successful: The player missed one of his free throws.

If Bradley wants to make it three Arizona sports games in as many days, the University of Arizona men's basketball team plays at home Monday night. Otherwise, he may choose to wait for the Phoenix Suns to return to town on Thursday. It takes some hustle to become the ultimate Arizona sports fan, but it appears that Bradley has it in him.