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Here's the story behind the Astros fan who threw Yasiel Puig's homer back onto the field

With one out in the top of the ninth inning of World Series Game 5, Yasiel Puig launched a one-handed homer to left, cutting Houston's lead to just one and sparking a three-run rally that sent an already-bananas affair into extra innings. The real drama, however, unfolded moments later out in the left-field bleachers:

After one Astros fan came away with Puig's homer, another Astros fan reached over, grabbed it out of her hand and threw it back onto the field in one of the fiercest displays of home-team loyalty in baseball history. But that's just the beginning of this story: The woman who caught the ball is Sarah Head -- while the man who threw her souvenir away is her brother-in-law, Kirk Head. 
As Kirk explains in the clip above, he knew before the game even began that any Dodgers homer he got his hands on was getting the Wrigley Field treatment. Which was all fine, according to Sarah -- she was just upset that she didn't have the chance to do it herself.
"I would've liked to have had the opportunity to throw it back myself, but I understand that we needed to get it out quickly," she said.
Kirk's sister-in-law Renee, meanwhile, just wanted to keep the peace: "And all I'm thinking is, 'This is going to be a terrible Christmas.'" Luckily, it looks like everyone made up -- a 13-12 walk-off win for the Astros can heal all sorts of family strife:

Photo and reporting by Ian Kay/