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Shout-out to these Astros fans behind the plate wearing space helmets in the summer heat

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand the reason they're named the Houston Astros. It's space! Specifically, the fact that Houston serves as the main control center of NASA.

This weekend, the Astros ventured a few hundred miles north to play the Rangers in another showdown between the regional (and divisional) rivals, and a pair of Astros fans made the trek to Saturday night's game. In fact, they were so excited to spread the message of the Houston space program that they wore big space helmets atop their Astros jerseys. It made for an amusing visual behind home plate:

But really -- it's 90 degrees! Either be sure to hydrate or just take the helmets off now that everybody's seen them.

Perhaps, though, this couple knew something everybody else didn't. Later in the game, the sky opened up and it started raining ... and guess who was prepared? Yup.