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Astros fans in Minute Maid Park went nuts when George Springer homered in Game 7

George Springer rebounded from a difficult ALCS to absolutely mash the ball in the World Series. Entering Wednesday's 5-1 win in Game 7, Springer had four homers and he got off to a blistering start again. After leading off the game with a double, he came up with a runner on and the Astros ahead, 3-0, in the second. On Yu Darvish's 3-2 fastball, Springer crushed a dinger to deep center field. 
As has been his custom, Springer celebrated wildly around the bases: 

He wasn't the only one. Though the Astros were playing in Los Angeles, thousands of fans went to Minute Maid Park for a watch party. And they had their own celebration: 

Everyone in the park was celebrating: