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Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa confirm they're the two best friends that anybody could have

On Wednesday, Astros stars Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa sat down to talk to the media about ALDS Game 1 against the Red Sox on Thursday. But instead of discussing how they'd approach Chris Sale or whether Houston's barbecue is better than Boston's clam chowdah, the two middle-infielders talked about friendship. They talked about being best friends forever and ever. Here's Correa:
"We fight a lot. We fought two days ago on the plane and five minutes later, I'm like, that's why I love you, because we fight and then five minutes later we talk like nothing happened. So, a little bit of everything you can see but the relationship keeps growing. Hopefully, Jim can sign him for 10 more years to this team so I can play with him for a long time."
It's not really that surprising, but we're glad to have official confirmation of their closeness. Let watch their sweet friendship blossom in GIF form below while listening to some relevant music.

Cortuve Forever. Watch the two All-Stars take on the Red Sox tomorrow at 4 p.m. ET on MLB Network.