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Carlos Correa and Jose Altuve combined to turn a double play ... that didn't actually happen

In the bottom of the first inning of Wednesday's Astros-Twins game, Carlos Correa and José Altuve put together a pretty nifty double play. Correa scooped up a ball off Trevor Plouffe's bat and tossed it to Altuve at second base for the first out, who then barehanded it to first to get Plouffe. All in all, it was pretty fun to watch:

But guess what? This play never happened. Search the box scores, but you won't find it anywhere. So, what's going on here? Did someone accidentally open up an entrance to the Upside Down, giving us a glimpse of an alternate reality that's frighteningly like our own? Is a giant monster about to appear and swallow Altuve?
No, don't worry, he's safe. Wednesday's game was actually postponed after a 2 1/2-hour rain delay interrupted the third inning. The game will be made up on Thursday as part of a doubleheader, but that means all the stats from Wednesday night's very brief contest were erased. That's partially good for the Astros -- after all, they were down 5-0 when it started to pour -- but that also means this great double play really did happen in an alternate reality, and no amount of Christmas-light based communication can bring it back.