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Jose Altuve isn't afraid to belt some Backstreet Boys in the Astros clubhouse

José Altuve is the Astros' fire, the type of energetic, maximum-effort player that all rival clubs desire. The second baseman entered play Monday hitting .346/.417/.551, numbers that helped him make his fourth All-Star Game presented by Mastercard last week in San Diego. 
But as much as fans get to experience 'Tuve on the field, some of his real magic takes place in the otherwise private confines of the clubhouse. Thanks to teammate Lance McCullers Jr. Jr., however, the world was given a glimpse of his karaoke skills on Monday. 
In the downtime before the Astros' series opener with the A's at the Oakland Coliseum, Altuve saw fit to bust out some serious Backstreet Boys chops in singing along -- heartily, we might add -- to the piece of boy band perfection that is the song "I Want It That Way." Watch out, A.J., Nick, Howie, Kevin and Brian: 

Altuve's star-making musical peformance comes just weeks after the Rockies held their own tribute to the BSB with an all-white road trip and glorious fashion homage to the group's mega-smash 1999 record Millenium

When reached for comment by's Brian McTaggart, Altuve said, "I like to sing" before adding a bit about his musical inclinations, as well as why he chose that paritcular song with which to serenade teammate Chris Devenski:  
"I like a little of everything. Guys always make fun of me, but I like, country, pop, rap. I was trying to make Devenski mad. He's a tough guy, but I sang Backstreet Boys to try to make him uncomfortable."
With this lengthy singing session, Altuve clearly knows a thing or two about the reigning pop music of the late '90s and early 2000s and isn't afraid to show it to the masses.
He clearly wants it that way -- and, despite Houston losing, 7-4, Altuve had a fine night at the plate, singling in his first at-bat and finishing up 2-for-4 with a run scored .