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Orbit and Hanser Alberto's weekend battle ended with a dart gun duel

The Astros' furry green mascot Orbit is among the most consistently entertaining in the game today: He's battled his evil twin Norbit, tried in vain to catch Mike Trout on a fishing line and invited David Ortiz to a tea party, among other antics. 

With the Rangers in town this weekend to battle the Astros at Minute Maid Park, Orbit and Rangers infielder Hanser Alberto engaged in some spirited pregame battles. It was a prime example of the rivalry between the two AL West clubs.

On Saturday, Orbit attempted to throw distract Alberto from his pregame routine and the incident resulted in Alberto tossing the mascot's finger(!) and hat into the crowd.

A day later, Alberto and Orbit squared off again and really pushed their conflict to the next level by introducing dueling dart guns into the fun:


Based on his history, it seems reasonable to expect Orbit to have more shenanigans planned for the Rangers' next visit to Houston in early August ...