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Orbit has an evil twin named Norbit, and he's very, very evil

You know Orbit, the Astros' cheery alien mascot. You love Orbit. He plays jovial pranks on visiting players. He writes you notes to get out of work so you can watch baseball. He dances. He is all that is good and right.

But imagine if there were a being in this universe the complete opposite of Orbit.

Meet Norbit, Orbit's evil twin.


Instead of tossing balls into the stands, he dumps them on the ground. Instead of high-fiving team trainers, he taunts them. While Orbit's face is cherubic and pure, Norbit sports a dastardly mustache. When Orbit fills hearts with joy, Norbit revels in breaking them. Simply, Norbit is as evil as Orbit is good.

Orbit doesn't think much of him:

So, when the two came face-to-face before Wednesday's Twins-Astros game, Orbit had no choice but to take care of Norbit once and for all.


Watch the video above to see how this classic struggle of Good vs. Evil turned out.