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Astros owner Jim Crane tries Rockets 'First Shot'

If it seems like you've noticed a ton of Astros turning up at Houston Rockets games, you'd be right. This offseason, various members of the reigning World Series champions have made appearances at the Toyota Center.
Dallas Keuchel and some teammates showed off the Commissioner's Trophy, and both George Springer and Carlos Correa tried their hand at the Rockets' 'First Shot' for charity. Springer was convinced he'd "brick" the pregame free throw, and he did. Correa, however, called "bank!" and nailed his shot, making everything look impossibly easy.

On Thursday, the Rockets welcomed Astros owner Jim Crane as the latest member of the organization to step up to the line and take a shot. His shot came up a bit short, but he coolly grabbed the rebound and swished a consolation shot for good measure: