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This one simple grilling trick from Astros starter Gerrit Cole will make you a better cook immediately

Pitching is like cooking. To be good at either, one needs a methodical, patient and purposeful approach to the craft. Both involve heat, fire, sweat, a quick wrist and the willingness to spend a lot of time preparing and planning things out.
Who better, then, to dole out cooking tips than Astros righty flame-thrower and 2018 All-Star Gerrit Cole? After getting dealt to Houston by the Pirates this past offseason, Cole has been taking names in his first season with the Astros, posting a 2.52 ERA in 128 1/3 innings while striking out a whopping 12.4 batters per nine innings.

But saucing up sliders isn't all Cole can do -- the man claims to be a pretty solid presence in the kitchen as well. We asked Cole for one cooking tip that could make any novice chef feel like Julia Child.
Check out the video at the top of the page to hear Cole's culinary secret.