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Astros reporter Julia Morales ran the A's mascot race in an oversized Dennis Eckersley costume

Astros field reporter and AT&T SportsNet host Julia Morales is an adventurer. Not content to merely report on things that happen in games, she likes to go the extra mile for her audience.
This wasn't intended as a pun referring to the height of the outfield structure at the Oakland Coliseum known as "Mount Davis," but Morales scaled that ahead of the Astros' series with the A's this weekend:

And then, during Houston's 7-1 loss to the A's on Saturday, she donned the giant Dennis Eckersley costume to participate in the A's mascot race, alongside the oversized costumes of fellow legends Rickey Henderson and Rollie Fingers. Morales got off to a great start but ultimately lost the race to Fingers, as you can see in full atop this post.

This was the sequel to Julia's previous visit to Oakland when she tried on the Eckersley costume for the first time, as a sort of training session leading up to the big day on Saturday. 
That's two extracurricular ballpark activities spread across the AL West for Morales, who previously enjoyed some delicious toasted grasshoppers up at Safeco Field.