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Astros keep it loose in the clubhouse by wearing football helmets for interviews

George Springer, inventor of the fog-machine inspired, party-like atmosphere in the clubhouse after Astros wins -- dubbed "Club Astro" -- has started a new clubhouse trend: wearing football helmets.
Springer randomly showed up to Spring Training one morning wearing a Texans helmet. Apparently, he looked cool enough for his teammates to want to sport the new look, too. The ball really got rolling after a random act of generosity sparked the new trend.

Veteran players Carlos Gomez and Colby Rasmus got together during camp to buy suits for some of the younger players, including Jake Marisnick, Jon Kemmer, Eury Perez, Jandel Gustave and David Paulino. As a gesture of thanks, Marisnick and Springer are now getting helmets for their teammates.
Rasmus was given a helmet of his favorite college team, Auburn.

"They just kind of got it going last year," Rasmus said. "Then this year, when me and Gomie went in and got them the suits, they thought it would be a nice gesture and got us some helmets. They know I'm an Auburn fan and they surprised me with it."
Marisnick has a helmet as well, sporting the logo of his favorite college team -- Oregon. The outfielder had committed to the university before signing a pro contract, and he's been a fan ever since.
Gomez has a Carolina Panthers helmet because of Cam Newton.
"He's the best player in football," Gomez said. "He's my favorite player."
There are still more helmets to be handed out, which Springer will monitor.
"Will Harris said he's getting an LSU one, [Preston] Tucker's got a Florida one on the way," Springer said. "We might be able to play a full flag football game with helmets on."