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At the MLB Draft, Bo Jackson joked about throwing out Harold Reynolds at the plate in 1989

You've heard it for years: Bo Knows. 
The two-sport superhero/athlete Bo Jackson made a name for himself in the 1980s due to his immense physical prowess and skills at both baseball and football, doing things that are still rather unbelievable to this day.
But what isn't unbelievable is the words he has to say. He's somewhat of a sports wizard, having attained a strong reputation and reverence over the years.

Jackson was on hand as a team ambassador for the Royals at the MLB Draft on Monday, and he gave some important advice to potential two-sport stars (such as the A's No. 9 pick, Oklahoma's Kyler Murray, who also plays football for the Sooners). 
Bo's advice (which he jokes in the clip atop this post will only cost Draft picks $25,000) also offered up some after-the-fact tips to Harold Reynolds, who was thrown out at the plate by Jackson in left field during a game in 1989:

The advice?
"Stop at third, Harold." 
Lesson learned -- just 29 years too late.