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Baby Shark, yes, Baby Shark might be carrying this team to World Series glory

Nothing, nothing in the history of the world, has captured our minds and hearts like the song "Baby Shark." It's the fifth-most viewed video in YouTube history. It broke onto the Billboard Top 40 charts earlier this year. There's a Baby Shark cereal and Nickelodeon show coming out.

In fact, the song is probably stuck in your head right now. You're probably humming it. Go ahead and listen to it again. It's fine, I do it all the time.

But did you know that it's also inspiring an entire city's baseball team to its first ever World Series appearance?

That's Nationals outfielder Gerardo Parra, who began using the viral hit as his walkup song (and as a favor to his kids) back in June when the Nats were struggling. Parra got two hits that day, the Nationals went on a hot streak and the song, as has been the case everywhere it's been played, has evoked complete and utter madness in the D.C. ballpark.

"It gets the boys going," reliever Sean Doolittle says.

Parra celebrates with it.

His teammates do it -- some subtle.

Some not so subtle.

Some as a group.

The Nats went 46-27 in the second half, they reached the playoffs, they won the Wild Card Game, they won the NLDS and now they're up, 3-0, in the Championship Series against the Cardinals. They're one victory away from going to the World Series.

And the craze has only become more unhinged in October. Look at this fan. Look at this baby. Look at this dog. Look at their national anthems.

Look at Parra -- the man who started it all. He got a box of Baby Sharks from the people who created the actual song before Game 3 of the NLCS on Monday. And during a rally, he utilized them well.

For a city that had not won a postseason MLB series since before television existed, there's no other explanation. Baby Shark is the Washington Nationals' good luck charm. Baby Shark is their inspiration. Baby Shark statues need to be erected outside the stadium.

Baby Shark will take this team, these fans and this city to heights they have never been before.