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Barry Zito returned to AT&T Park to sing backup on the national anthem and toss a first-pitch strike

Barry Zito may have hung up his cleats for good a couple of years ago, but he's known to show up at the ballpark every now and then ... as a musician.
Yes, the man known for the knee-buckling curve, his 2002 Cy Young Award with the A's and his role on the Giants' 2012 World Series-winning team is now a master of the acoustic guitar, as he discussed at length with Cut4 last year. It's a fun new chapter for the lefty, who spends a lot of time in Nashville these days.
His travels brought him back home on Thursday for the Giants' 10-5 loss to the Pirates at AT&T Park. On Jerry Garcia Night (paying tribute to the Bay Area music legend on the anniversary of his 1995 passing), Zito joined Sunshine Becker, a vocalist for the grateful Dead offshoot band Furthur, for a rendition of the national anthem:

Zito then climbed up the mound and delivered a ceremonial first pitch -- no, not his signature unhittable curve, but a decent toss nonetheless: 

Welcome home, Barry.