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Bartolo Colon provided us with some ricochet magic on a double play, and then got Shohei Ohtani out

Bartolo Colon never ceases to amaze us. Whether he's smacking home runs or befuddling hitters on the mound, he always manages to show something off. We knew he was capable of some magical plays when it came to his glove, and after 21 years in baseball, you have to admit, this guy knows what he's doing.
In the top of the seventh of the Angels-Rangers game, Albert Pujols smacked a line drive right toward Big Sexy. The ball bounced off the glove of the four-time All-Star and right to Jurickson Profar. It made for quite the wonderful play.

"That was awesome," Profar told's T.R. Sullivan. "That ball was hit too hard. [Bartolo's] quick."
He always seems to be in the right place at the right time, doesn't he?
Oh, and he also managed to get Shohei Ohtani out. 

Never change, Bartolo.