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Bartolo Colon is finally on Instagram and he's getting back into playing shape

This isn't ordinarily a space for announcing that somebody's opened up a social media account -- but in this case, it's worth it.

After previously only existing in the digital space on Facebook, where he shared images of himself living his best life with a beer on a boat and causing a frenzy feeding some pigeons in the park, Bartolo Colon is now the owner of a fully verified Instagram account.

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Lo altise en Samana lindo lugar

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One of the more recent photos shared on his page is a fun collage of himself pitching over the years, representing each of the 12 teams he's been involved with. He's a worldly man, and now we'll all get to enjoy his worldly travels and happenings as he shares those moments on social media.

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Todo mi equipo

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The first photo shared on his Instagram page is dated June 18, so this definitely looks like something he just started doing. And while he hasn't caught on with a team since last season came to a close, he also hasn't officially retired, and from the looks of things he's determined to stay in shape:

But if his pitching days are truly done, he'll have plenty of free time to show off what he does in his free time, the same way you or I do. And for that, I'm thankful.

We should all be thankful.