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Bartolo Colon got Joc Pederson to swing out of his helmet ... just like Bartolo Colon

Bartolo Colon has a, uh, habit of swinging out of his helmet. He puts everything he has into every swing -- sometimes the result is the homer heard 'round the world. Sometimes, his helmet pops off. Take, for example, his at-bat against Clayton Kershaw on July 23, 2015:

But facing off against Kershaw and the Dodgers once more on Thursday night, Colon would not be had again. Instead, he would be the one dishing out helmet-doffing fastballs.
His target, however, was not Kershaw himself -- though he did strike him out swinging in the second inning -- but Kershaw's young teammate, Joc Pederson.

Who better to get a batter to swing out of his helmet than the master himself? If you watch them together, Joc's swing was a perfect Bartolo impression:

Revenge is a dish best served by Bartolo Colon.