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Zen Bobrist -- er, Ben Zobrist -- was very excited to receive a Tim Dillard bobblehead in the mail

It doesn't matter how old you are. You could be 12 or you could be 36 -- but getting things in the mail is fun. It's exciting. It's the highlight of your day, whenever it happens.
Ben Zobrist is 36, and he was very excited to get a package in the mail recently. To be more specific, he was hyped about a prized possession finally showing up in the mail: A bearded bobblehead of Tim Dillard, Brewers Minor League relief pitcher, part-time social media manager and inspired pop singer
Oh, and for whatever reason, the package was addressed to a "Zen Bobrist," which should amuse both fans of spoonerism and/or the classic sitcom "Friends" (shout-out to Chanandler Bong). 

That's enthusiasm. That's joy. That's Mail Day.