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The 6 best fan reactions to Anthony Rendon's tumbling catch into the stands

When you buy tickets close to the field, you have to expect that a popup might head toward your section. Fans along the third-base line at the Cardinals' 2-1 win over the Nationals on Saturday got all that and more.
The nonpareil fan experience didn't take long to happen, either. In the first inning, leadoff hitter Tommy Pham skied one into foul territory behind third base. Anthony Rendon and Stephen Drew both darted after it, and Rendon made a fabulous catch.
The complicating factor? One by one, Rendon and Drew toppled into the stands:

Fortunately, both Rendon and Drew weren't too nicked up; each played the rest of the game.
Rendon's catch definitely left an impression with his manager. "That was an outstanding catch," said Dusty Baker to's Alaina Getzenberg. "Anthony's one of the best in the game, especially at his position and going back on balls like he exhibited today."
Of course, the fans who were in the section where Rendon fell received the best view of all, and they had some fantastic reactions. These were some of our favorites.
1) "OH NO"

She had no Hylian Shield to defend herself. As Rendon approached the seats, she could only throw up her bag. Thankfully, it seemed to have done the trick, as despite the falling ballplayers, she emerged unscatched and smiling.
2) "Nopeeeee."

This fan just wanted absolutely nothing to do with the approximately 400 pounds of baseball players headed his way. Can't blame him. Bonus points to the boy sitting next to him for his look of shock.
3) The Visitor

Amid a sea of Cardinal Red, one brave Nationals fan sported a different shade, and he gladly signaled the first out of the inning.
4) When you realize another player is falling in

A player falling into the stands is uncommon.
Two players falling into the stands in the same game is even more rare.
Two players falling into the stands on the same play? That's next-level weird, and this fan knew it.
5) The odd angle

"Huh, don't usually see ballplayers from this view."
6) The Unimpressed

Hey, can't win 'em all over, Anthony.