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Yes, MLB players lost their minds at the end of the Super Bowl just like you

MLB players, like many of you, spent one of their last offseason Sundays watching the Patriots' 34-28 overtime Super Bowl win that made David Ortiz literally jump for joy:

And they, like many of you, lost their minds at the end of the game. Among them was Dodgers center fielder Joc Pederson, who had faith in the Patriots even when things were looking dire at halftime.

Things started to go haywire in the fourth quarter, right around the time Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones somehow got two feet down to make the catch of the game, causing every Major Leaguer to have pretty much the same reaction simultaneously: 



Or, what was the catch of the game, until Patriots receiver Julian Edelman made a catch that should've been impossible, and it was deja vu:


That emotional whiplash was a harbinger of the chaos to come. Fortunately, Mike Trout -- who knows a thing or two about good catches -- had a tweet that worked for both:

When the Patriots' historic comeback was beginning to take shape, one sentiment prevailed: No one could contain themselves.

And when running back James White's overtime touchdown gave the Patriots the win, well, words didn't come much easier:

Yes, it's safe to say that Major Leaguers, like everyone else, quite enjoyed the end of the game. But afterwards, it was back to business as usual: